среда, 7 декабря 2016 г.

Free English Crochet Patterns: Rabbit, Bear, Fox, Wolf & Monkey

Finally, I have made English versions of my Leggy Animals patterns!
Now all my followers from different countries may use my free patterns and crochet five original animals:
Rabbit, Bear, Fox, Wolf and Monkey.

You can open these .jpeg files at the full screen or save it to your computer:

This is my first work in English. If you find some mistakes, let me know. I will correct it!

More about Leggy Animals THIS LINK (previus russian posts)
More about Rabbits THIS LINK (previus russian posts)

© 2015 POLINAKUTS. All Rights Reserved.
Patterns is for personal, non-commercial use only. You can not sale this patterns. Also you can not publish this patterns in any magazines. If you repost this patterns in your site, please, notice my blog: polinakuts.blogspot.com
Thank you!

If you post pictures of your leggy creatures in Instargam, please, tag it with #PolinaKuts
I will see it and give a "like" to your pictures!


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  1. Hello, I am Katelijn from Belgium and I recently started a blog (http://pippa-pop.blogspot.com) about handmade dolls and softies. I am making a series about sewing, crocheting and knitting animal softies. One of my nexts posts in the series will be about making a fox softie. Can I make a link to your patterns for my readers? Of course I will mention your blog! Thank you very much for your wonderful patterns and making them available in English. Kind regards, Katelijn

    1. Hello, Katelijn, yes! Of cause you can! It will be nice. Thank you for your words)))

  2. Thank you so much for translating your wonderful patterns to english, can't wait to try them out :)
    Hello from Tania in Copenhagen, Denmark <3

  3. Можно и мне перевод, как их связать😄

    1. Можно заглянуть в раздел Мастер-классы и всё там найти 😉

  4. Thanks a lot for the lovely patterns in English!! :)

  5. These are adorable! Thank you for the pattern. I can't wait to make them! What size hook do you use for them?


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